Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weird obsession

I have this really weird obsession with...thumb holes.
Told you it was weird.
Thumb holes are perfection because you get soft snuggliness covering your hands but with the completely free and usable opposable thumb. It's fashion at its most brilliant.
For some reason, though, thumb holes are usually relegated to athletic hoodies. My first and only piece of clothing with built-in thumb holes is a decidedly non-chic, black Adidas hoodie.
I'm tempted to write C&C California a letter suggesting they cut a little hole into the sleeves. It would be the crowning touch to an incredibly soft, wear-everyday line.
I'm a busy gal, though, so I haven't done it.
Just for kicks today — because I'm sooooo wanting it to be cooler already although we still have at least another month of triple-digit temps — I set out to find things with thumb holes.
I found two pretty cute contenders. This bamboo hoodie wrap actually hits two obsessions (hoodies! thumb holes!) in one garment. But I love the ease and simplicity of this rayon top. Plus, it's nearly half the price. And I have a coupon code. C'mon new credit card cycle...Kick in! Kick in.

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