Monday, August 24, 2009

Shopping with a vengence

Among the many things you shouldn't do when you're angry — shop.
Or, maybe you should.
Blind with fury, you don't see price tags or flaws, you just buy, buy, buy.
I hit La Encantada, a lovely outdoor mall here in Tucson, in a particularly bitter mood this weekend and did some damage at J. Crew and Anthropologie.
Of course, things will marinate with their price tags on while I mull over whether I really *need* another tee. Although this one with its chiffon flowers is just so darling. And versatile.
I'm probably about 3-5 pounds too big for these stretchy J Crew Minnie pants. But, I don't have anything else like them and I think with an appropriately badonkadonk-covering cardi, they'll be just fine.
As for the rosette tank....Well, my love of frilly rosettes has been documented (see previous posting "Everything's coming up...rosettes).
I'm sort of a shopping bulimic, so perhaps some — or all — will go back.
Haven't heard of that affliction? Well, it's a term I can't take credit for. That would be my editor Maria. But, it certainly describes me and how I shop. I buy like crazy in one big binge. Then, I feel guilty and return.
There's an incredibly satisfying feeling — maybe even more satisfying than when the original purchase is made — of relief that comes along with knowing that you can live without something. And, that allllll that money is going back onto the card.
For another day. Then, you get to do it all over again.

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jacquelyn said...

Ha! I hit J.Crew and Anthro on Saturday afternoon up at La Encantada, too. Maybe our paths crossed? I picked up the Chloe skirt at Anthro and ordered the Maya cardi from the red phone at the Crew---I wanted black and they did not have it.

I'm on a shopping kick lately. I can't stop buying shoes and skirts and cardis. none of which I can wear until about October. It needs to cool down here!