Friday, August 28, 2009

Clothing crush

I am crushing pretty hard on the new Rachel Rachel Roy line, the clothing so nice they named it twice.
I originally fell in love with a rhinestone necklace-adorned tee that I spotted in — of all things — Teen Vogue. But when the designer's new site went live this week, I found tons more to lust after.
Roy — who's a ringer for actress Freida Pinto — has created a lower priced line (i.e., $70-$149 as opposed to $300 and up) that's edgy but very wearable. Items are allegedly available at Macy's (somehow Tucson always gets hosed in the lower-priced designer arena. Our Targets didn't even get the last big-name collection). You can buy on the Web site, — shipping's free. Naturally, all the stuff I want doesn't ship until October.

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kathy said...

I want that very cool wrappy kind of dress. I also want that figure. Sadly, I'll never have either.