Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For your reconsideration

Finding the right mascara is about as easy as finding the right man.
Which is to say, it's flippin' hard.
Earlier (see Gettin' Jiggy Wit Mascara) I'd written about Maybelline's new pulsating mascara — the cheaper alternative to Lancome's smash sensation. It seemed pretty good. Well, after using it for more than a month, I'm changing my tune. It kinda sucks.
After coworkers started pointing out how I could be a linebacker with the heavy black smudges beneath my eyes, I stopped applying the mascara on the bottom lashes. Still, the stuff managed to slide down and make my undereye area look bad.
As if it didn't look tired enough.
So, I'm officially throwing it out and I'm back on the hunt.
I just read positive reviews about a new lengthening Cover Girl mascara. Perhaps I'll try that. Meanwhile, if anyone has suggestions, I'm open.
And, for my second recant of the day.....I need to soften my review of "Who What Wear" By Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power ($18.95).
In a previous post (Gap jeans! "Who What Wear"! Hair powder!), I said you'd be better off saving your Benjamins and just subscribing to the authors' kickin' daily fashion/beauty e-mails instead (
Now that I've had it for a week and have examined it more thoroughly, I think it probably is worth getting as a supplement to the e-mails. It offers good tips on what to splurge on and what you ought to save on and suggested looks for specific occasions.
I still suggest looking through a copy first (I always like to give books a "test drive" before purchase) to make sure it's really what you want. I've passed on all the Lucky magazine books — and I adore the magazine — because to me, the books don't make sense. The monthly mags do the same thing and do it well. The whole point about fashion is that it's cyclical and changes. A book charting current trends isn't useful in a year or even six months from publication — if it's even still relevant when published. Which is why "Who What Wear" is useful — it offer guidelines on how you can pep up a timeless outfit.

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