Monday, August 10, 2009

I *don't* DIE

Ah, Rachel Zoe. She's kind of like the Omarosa of Fashion Apprentice. Or, the Richard of Fashion Survivor.
You get my drift — you don't really like her, yet you're still drawn to her. You have to appreciate her talent — Rachel does know how to put an outfit together. But I think I would hurt myself if I had to listen to her every day. Which is the hangup I have with her new e-mail newsletter — I hear her in my head as I read it.
Talk about bananas.
So, anyway, the newsletter. I started subscribing when I heard she had it, and she recently highlighted designer Raquel Allegra, who takes recycling to a whole new, weird level. I'm all for recycling — canvas bags litter my car, so I don't have to kill any plastic trees when I shop. I love Vy & Elle, a Tucson-based company that creates chic bags and totes and accessories from recycled vinyl billboards. But, I can't get onboard with Allegra's recycling. You see, she uses cast-off shirts from the L.A. county jail.
I don't care if it's been dyed and shredded and completely unrecognizable as jailwear, I would always be wondering if some suspected killer or rapist had just been wearing the very shirt I had paid more than $200. Naturally, I'm speaking in the hypothetical because I would never own something that had come out of the prison system OR that cost that much and was only a T-shirt.
Now, if a portion of the proceeds benefited victims' families, that might be a different story. But, it would still skeeve me out.