Thursday, August 13, 2009

A new product review

My e-mail inbox overfloweth.
I can't turn down any free offer — I sign up for newsletters, alerts, everything. So naturally I signed on to be an InStyle trendsetter since I can't resist the opportunity to try new beauty products (my jampacked medicine cabinet will attest to that).
When my chance to test-drive a new moisturizer arrived, I was tickled.
Until the full-size product sample came in the mail.
InStyle thinks I'm old — it was Olay Definity Color Recapture, which "perfects skin tone layer by layer, helping you recapture youthful luminosity."
Translation: It hides your nasty brown age spots and Sharpei-like wrinkles.
I never felt so dejected after picking up the mail.
Still, a deal's a deal, so I dutifully applied the old fart cream to my face daily.
It's not a bad moisturizer, actually. The formula is very light and does leave skin dewy looking, which is a must when you're an elderly woman like myself.
Matte is only for the young.
My only beef is the limited colors — there are only three. So the moisturizer — which looks enticingly like chocolate and vanilla soft serve swirled together — can look like a mask if it doesn't match your skin tone. This was my problem. I ended up applying it very lightly and only in those areas where I needed a boost, and it did just fine.
Did it "recapture youthful luminosity"?
Meh. Plus, I now need to recapture my self-esteem.

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