Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Selling myself for fashion

Oh, the things I will do for money.
On vacation, I allowed myself to be pulled in an innertube behind a motorboat at an ungodly rate of speed — it had to have been at least 65 mph although my husband insisted it was more like 35 mph — because the spousal unit promised me a $250 spending spree.
Who wouldn't do it for that?
Minor whiplash and butt burn (dude, hitting the water is like slamming into concrete at high rates of speed) are small prices to pay for some yummy, ruffled, zipper-edged Pour La Victoire flats, among other goodies.
And then, I did something else undignified. I completely pimped myself for the chance at winning something free from Ever visit that Web site? It's pretty fab. Lots of great designers, very slick-looking photo shoots. I enjoy it quite a bit. Awhile back, I fell in love with a rosette bolero jacket — that cost more than $200 — so what did I do? Started making inane comments on the blog for the chance to win a $500 spending spree.
Well, got me again. This time I allowed photos of myself (gulp) to be posted and I talked about fashion....All for the chance at a free goodie.
It's a contest, and the more people who comment, the more likely you are to win. Check it out:
Please don't laugh. But, you could say something nice. :)
In the posting, I blathered about this super-cool Pleasure Doing Business bondage skirt. It's in the same vein as the Herve Leger skin-tight dresses. With its wide bands and rubberized fabric, that sucker would complete obliterate muffin top. But, who am I kidding? That is a date night skirt. I don't have date nights. I'm usually quasi-comatose by 9 p.m. In fact, on those very rare occasions when the hub and I go out, I fantasize about going to one of those by-the-hour motels — just to catch a nap. But the thought of those bedsheets skeeves me out.
So instead of the Pleasure Doing Business hot mamacita skirt, I opted for this Current/Elliott denim skirt. It's got that same vibe. But, with the longer length and tempered hoochiness, it's work appropriate.
Well worth the motorboat whiplash, I say.

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Desert Flower said...

Good choice! The denim skirt is wonderful and will be wearable for a long time.