Saturday, September 4, 2010

Absolutely Real Military Belts

So, here's a website you wouldn't expect to visit on a fashion quest: The Sportsman Guide. Turns out it's a great source for — no kidding — military belts. They're authentic, too.

My dad gets credit for this one. I had an epiphany one day while scouring the web for the perfect, double-holed olive-drab military-style belt: Steal one from my father, who's retired military. Sure enough, he had a stockpile. Of course, since he's Air Force, the belts were navy blue and hole-less, but that's OK. I'll make anything work if it's free.

After I told him why I wanted them and how the belts are part of a huge military trend, then he started poking around the Internet. Did I mention he's retired?

This site was a link from the Base Exchange, and it has all these cool belts — my fave is the striped Hungarian military officer's parade belt — for way-cheaper-than-Michael-Kors-charges prices. They ring in at $12 or less, and quite often, that's for two. Plus, how neat would it be to tell someone who's just complimented you on your accessories that you're wearing an Italian military handcuff belt?

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Desert Flower said...

This is a great find! I really like that top belt, so pretty and cheap. Cheap is good.