Thursday, September 23, 2010

Coolest Costume Ever

Peeps rock.

Not to eat, of course, that would be gross. Well, scratch that — if the candy is properly microwaved and then nestled in between rectangles of dark chocolate and then sandwiched between graham crackers, it's passable. But generally speaking, Peeps are not particularly tasty.

Yet, I'm moderately fixated with them. At work — for every holiday — the Just Born company sends us the new crop of Peeps. I save them, date them with a Sharpie and line them up across my desk. Some date back to 2003. Really. They're all hard and crusty, but when it's time for the summer monsoon season to hit, they get all squooshy again. Now, our weather people officially use the term dew point to describe the amount of moisture in the air that tells us when the rains'll hit. Screw that — I have the Peep Point, and it's most accurate.

I have a Peeps shirt, well, a couple actually and lip gloss and an entire farm of pastel-colored, stuffed ones.

If I don't win this Peeps costume on eBay, I'm pretty sure I'll die.


Desert Flower said...

That is the cutest costume ever!

I'm with you on Peeps, they are way too gross to eat. Perfect for making dioramas, however.

jacquelyn said...

The Peep Point sounds awesome. At my work I just wait for the paper to curl up and jam the xerox docutech. That's how we know rain is imminent. The Peep Point sounds so much cooler.

Jessica said...

I think you should sell the Peep Point to meteorologists. And I actually love Peeps - seriously. Love them.