Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Odd Couple — Ugg and Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo and Ugg may well be the freakiest pairing since Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts.

Inexplicably, the two brands have banded together to create collection. Let's just say, they're Kardashian ready.

Here's the Mandah boot. Don't stare at it too long, lest you damage your retinas. These are some garish boots, my friends.

The others — which include the usual moon bootlike shape but fun details like fringe, zebra and leopard print accents — look a smidge better. Prices range from $595-$795 and will be available at and


Jessica said...

I really can't believe this partnership. I was originally expecting some incredible shoes with shearling accents - not studs on an ugly boot.

Desert Flower said...

I have never been an Ugg fan, and bedazzled Uggs are not any better. I wish Mr. Choo did not go to Australia. Even if I did love them, that price point is wonky!

Rose said...

Just say NO to the Mandah boot! And that picture is large enough as it is, so thank you! :)

Seriously though... I see studs everywhere this fall. I have never been a fan, and doubt that I will ever be one.