Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Most Questionable Fashion Design Ever

I'm on the hunt for a super cute keychain.

This is not it.

Due to my limited computer skills, I can't make the keychain look bigger. But, I can offer a better close-up on this T-shirt. Shudder. That this motif even exists in more than one form bothers me so, so much.

The See by Chloe design is allegedly an animal, maybe even a dog. I guess it kinda looks like the Quiero Taco Bell dog — after a bean burrito bender. It more closely resembles a chupacabra, I think. And what, you ask, is a chupacabra (chew-pa-CA-bra)?

Translated from Spanish, it means "goat sucker." It's a mythical beast. But every once in a while, a butt-ugly, hairless coyote shows up dead in Texas and everyone gets all excited that these things really do exist. They do in this label.

Just. Don't. Get. It.


Desert Flower said...

I would be repulsed every time I pulled my keys out of my purse :)

Jessica said...

But ... But ... isn't he a little cute?!

Okay, no, he's not. Yeesh. I mean really, WTF? We should both start a "WTF Item of the Week" - you'd be amazed at some of the treasures I find when I'm working on the under $20 and under $50 features.

(And thanks for the comment on the jacket - it was a final sale risk and I'm glad it worked out. However, I would have preferred to go down a size. Just a lil' friendly advice if you pick it up!)