Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Having A Ball (With Lip Balm)

Is this not the cutest packaging ever? Easily the most darling since those old L'eggs pantyhose. Are those even around any more?

I have been hot on the trail of this EOS lip balm ever since it started popping up in magazines some weeks back. You'd think a balm shaped like a ball wouldn't be hard to find. You would be wrong. Dead wrong.

Every drug store that allegedly carried it never had it, and I wasn't going to order it online in the dead of summer. Heck, it's still over 100 degrees here. No lip product can survive that kind of heat.

Finally, it did surface at a local CVS for $3.49.

The balm is bigger than you'd think — about the size of a golf ball, so no shoving it into your pocket unless you want to listen to "Oh, is that EOS lip balm in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" comments all day long.

The good thing — no nasty chemical-y stuff; it's natural with lots of oils and fruit extracts for scent and flavor. It also has shea butter, which you'd think would provide all-day-long moisturizing. The balm does feel good for a bit, but it's not especially long lasting. I forgive that, though, because it's fun to rub that little round ball over your lips — it's like a little mouth deodorant! The peachy scent of the summer fruit balm is positively intoxicating.

And, most importantly, it is so blasted cute.

Target has a five-pack for $10.99, which is the best deal I've seen going.

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Desert Flower said...

That is adorable! No wonder you had to have one.