Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Almost "Sex and the City" Jacket

Remember waaaay back, to that first "Sex and the City" movie?

There was a rose-covered jacket in the final scenes that SJP wore? The coolest jacket. Loved it. Wanted it. Daydreamed about it. Alas, it was completely unobtainable. Googling revealed that the wardrobe department crafted it out of a vintage Givenchy coat and parts of a Members Only jacket.

I briefly harbored thoughts of getting all "P.S. I Made That" and making my own. Then I remembered who I was. So, I decided it just wasn't meant to be.

Then, American Apparel came out with this lovely floral top.

Pretty darn close.


Desert Flower said...

This AA top needs to be in your closet.

Rose said...

The question is: will you be getting it? :)