Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Shoe 'ku

I have better shoes.
Flashier, taller, more fun
But, my pod likes these.

Shoe n' Tell: At first, I was horrified. Wear these flip-flops? They're no Havaianas, that's for sure. But, my podiatrist sells them, approves of the arch support, so this is a case of form over fashion. Truth be told, they are quite comfy. They are my shoe of choice for walking the kids to school and schlepping to the grocery store. sells the Sole flips for $69.95.

Outfit: Black T-shirt with rosettes (can't see 'em on that black) from a swap party, J Crew polka dot skirt, Vita Fede star-studded leather wrap bracelet and Juicy Couture candy corn charm worn on a necklace.


Desert Flower said...

Great outfit. Love the dark top and light skirt combo.

I am a flip flop devotee. I have numerous pairs. Last year when I traveled so much for work, I wore them in the airport. Easy to take off and put on at security, comfortable in the long, long walk to the terminal. I can't say a bad thing about flip flops.

Mugdha said...

Love the skirt!