Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I Can Do That....Or, Monkey See, Monkey Style

I am not especially original when it comes to fashion. I have my moments of inspiration, but a lot of the time I get ideas from other, better-pulled-together people.

Boutique to You does a great job of highlighting sleek celebs like swimsuit model Bar Refaeli and showing you how to recreate the look. When this e-mail arrived, I immediately recognized things from my own closet. Yay!

Not that I am at all comparing myself to this chick — there definitely will not be any attempts at lookalike swimsuits — but I do have similar clothes.

My attempt: Guess tuxedo jacket (a thrifted gift); cotton knockoff scarf of unknown origin; Daftbird gray tank top; tights (they're patterned, which is hard to tell); swap-party purse; Dr. Martens Hello Kitty boots (black laces subbed for the original pink ones). The hot pink gives a pop of playfulness and color, don't ya think? :)


Desert Flower said...

Very cool outfit! I love the layering, the mix of pieces is great. Nice "inspired by" dressing.

gigiofca said...

That's cute. I like your scarf. :-)