Saturday, October 9, 2010

Site to Shop: Neiman Marcus' Last Call And Sales Galore

Years ago, I sifted through the racks of Last Chance in Scottsdale. Not a pleasant experience.

I'm fairly sure that one of the shirts up for sale was stained with real blood. And, the store smelled funny.

That pretty much scared me away from the physical outposts of fancy stores' discount locations. I much prefer the sanitized online version. Much cleaner and odor-free. Prices are good, stuff is still in-season, AND there's a free ship code (FSLAUNCH). AND, there's a Columbus Day sale for an extra 30 percent off. I nabbed a pair of Daniblack clogs that I'd been eyeballing forever at a significantly lower price than every other retail site. We'll see if they come smeared with blood.

What is up with all the Columbus Day sales anyway? All kinds of stores are having 'em. I don't even know when Columbus Day is.

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Desert Flower said...

I got an email today from the nice Last Call people asking me to enjoy a secret sale on some jewelry brand I'd never heard of. Stuff was marked down from $900 to $600. Yikes. Good to know there are some bargains to be had on the site!