Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Fantasy Shoe Haiku — And A Deep Thought

Dainty ballet flat?
No, pricey temptress! Vixen!
Still, I *heart* you, Tod's.

Tod's Deg Ball Mulitmateriale, a whopping $395. But, free shipping! Ha. Just gave my husband a heart attack there. But, it's his own fault really. He brought me the Wall Street Journal's fashion mag, which not only had stories on investment bags (bonus factoid: Victoria Beckham has 100 Birkins!) but an interesting story on Italian-made Tod's. They're crafted by hand and amazing. I like them even though Gwyneth Paltrow once did its ad campaigns (she bugs so, so much).

So, as I was pondering these fabulous shoes and bags, I thought, Well, what if I didn't spend my money on cheap trendy things? What if, instead, I saved up for one or two amazingly timeless pieces that would be treasured until I farted dust?

Could I? Would I?

A friend admitted she's moving more toward that way, and it makes sense — especially when I see what I move in and out of my closet at our quarterly swap parties. But, I'm fickle. I like trends, and I like that I can buy into one for about $20 and then when I'm sick of it in a year, I'm not out of that much money.

I honestly don't think I could spend hundreds of dollars for a thing — that did not come with four wheels and guzzle gas.

What about you? Are you an investment shopper or do you throw down your wallet and snap up every good buy?

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Desert Flower said...

I am trying to find the middle ground. It's still fun to buy those $20 trendy pieces, but like you I see a lot of them ending up in my swap bag. I am still going to buy some of them for variety and to add some fun touches to the wardrobe. When I think about how many $20 items I've shed though, buying fewer would have enabled me to buy one nice thing I'll keep for a long time.

I say buy a few cheapies that make you happy but spring for those Tod's. Even though I agree with you that Goop bugs so much. We'll agree not to think about her when we're looking at your fabulous new Tod's.