Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Power of Sale Goggles

Sale goggles are a mighty thing.

Not familiar with those? Think beer goggles — but without the possibility of STDs.

In shopping circles, sale goggles means you see an item — previously dismissed — in a whole new light after the price gets knocked down low enough. That's the case with this Winter Kate "Eden" silk jacket.

When it first showed up on the Interweb, the open jacket seemed like it had the potential to skew old lady. Early-bird dinners in Boca. That old TV show "Maude." Shudder.

Then I started developing a crush on that boho look of a flowy silk jacket over cut-offs or skinny jeans or simple tank dresses, and I could find no decent substitutes. Once the price on the jacket was slashed (cheaper than any price I'd seen on eBay) and I had a coupon code, well, I started to look at it differently.

Hey, I started thinking, that print is kinda cool. It's dressier than a regular cardi. I ended up ordering it because A) I am competitive and it was the last one and B) I really wanted to see it IRL.

Once it arrived, the coloring and print looked quite elegant. You can't tell from the photo, but there's an occasional streak of jade that adds a nice pop. The jacket's lined, nice touch. The kimono sleeves — with the slit under the pits that I thought would drive me batty — are cool. Really — it's like having your own personal air-conditioning, a definite positive in a desert climate.

So, here is my boho outfit: Winter Kate "Eden" jacket; Daftbird tee; J Crew necklace, which picks up the green in the jacket; Bella Dahl cropped cords and Simple "Carousel" slip-ons.

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Desert Flower said...

That jacket is very cool. It looks great on you. I think that could easily dress up a simple frock for a night out, too.