Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Shoe Haiku....Another Clog

I am a clog hog
A girl can't have too many
Two colors? Rock on!

Shoe n' Tell: This would be my amazing purchase from Neiman Marcus' Last Call Columbus Day sale. Don't bother lookin' — these Daniblack Swiss clogs are no more. Although, you can still find 'em on Zappos at their normal, crazy-high price. Evil laugh — bwahahaha.

The strap is sheer brilliance since rocky-rolly clogs can be tough to walk in, and the two-tone action is killer.
Side note: My dyslexic fingers kept mistyping "clot" for "clog." Ew.


Desert Flower said...

Love them, especially the two tone.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I still have nightmares of an old pair of JC clogs from junior high that left my feet in two bleeding stumps, and I've since been too scared to get on the clogs trend.

I know you're big on the clogs and you look great in them - are they actually comfy?

Kcookski said...

just try some on, lisa! these are quite comfy. fit like a glove. sometimes wooden-soled shoes can suck after a few hours, but i've had luck with this season's crop of clogs. the strap definitely elevates these - my problem is usually slipping out of one (or both).....

peter said...

These clogs are very nice and handy; can I use these informative photos on my blog:

with your credits also, ofcourse.

Kind Regards, Peter Marcuse Netherlands