Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh, Poly

Seinfeld had Newman.

I have Poly.

Hate that bitch.

Sure, she acts like she's my friend — all cute and low-maintenance and even wallet-friendly. So, I get sucked in. We become pals and what happens? She turns on me. First triple-digit day and Poly — full name Poly Ester — gets hot and nasty.

Knowing that backstory, you can understand why I turned up my nose at the Tucker for Target collection.


Yuck. Then, my friend — whose aversion to the synthetic is even stronger than my own — brought home a camisole.


Naturally, I needed to go investigate. You see what happened. Poly, in this instance, was cute. And cheap. And....doesn't feel half bad. I'm giving her a second chance.

Outfit: Tucker for Target butterfly camisole; Mossimo Supply Co. skinny cargos; Diego DiLucca wedges; Rebecca Minkoff wrap bracelet.


Desert Flower said...

As embarassed as I was to completely 180 my position on polyester, this damn top reeled me in. I know it isn't silk but it sure looks and feels like it. I love it on you!

Jessica said...

You know, I don't mind Miss Poly. Of course, she's hot in the summer, but in the winter, that's a blessing in disguise. My real problem with her, though, is the static! Ugh!