Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wonder Wallet

My bags aren't so much purses as they are carry-on luggage. Huge, full of all the important (and not so important) stuff and heavy enough to cause a chiropractor to cringe.

Needless to say, I need big wallets, too. Seriously big.

My favorite one had tons of slots for cards and extra zip-around pouches for receipts (I hang onto those forever). It was freakishly orange, cost all of $14 and was made of the fauxest faux leather. In a matter of weeks, it looked really bad. In fact, on a shopping trip when I whipped it out of my purse, my friend gently suggested I ought to retire it.

My next super-sized wallet was (and still is) a double zip-around from Target. It cost all of $5. It looks it. I also constantly unzip the wrong side every time. That bugs me to no end.

Enter the Pelle Hidden Assets Organizer Clutch aka a really big wallet. I saw it at the Wilsons Leather store in Phoenix over the summer and even though it had everything I could want — tons of slots, calculator for figuring out discounts, extra pull-out pouch with slots — I didn't get it. For the past few months, I've regretted that decision. So, I signed up for Wilson e-mails, which got me free shipping and when an extra discount kicked in, I bought that sucker for less than $20.

It is truly a wonder wallet, and I apologize if you — like me — now have Oasis' "Wonderwall" stuck in your head.


Desert Flower said...

I'm a bit of a wallet nut myself so I know how you feel. You've got to have something roomy enough and durable enough to hold up and not embarrass you in front of your girlfriends. Love the color on this one.

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