Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Coolest Dress Ever (If You Harbor a Thing for Sock Monkeys)

If monkey, er, money were no object, this dress would be mine.

All mine.

But since it is, I settled for this shirt instead. I wear it when I volunteer in my little boy's kindergarten classroom. It's a crowd-pleaser.

Go check out Hazel & Melvin's Room and look at all the clever sock monkey stuff. Too cute.


Desert Flower said...

I am crazy about that tee shirt. Jacqueline needs to come over here and look at this! She's a tiny bit sock monkey obsessed.

Mugdha said...

The shirt is adorable! I can totally see why your son's friends would be impressed! What a cool mom!

gigiofca said...

Totally can't do the dress. T-shirt. Love that. I can see why it's a crowd pleaser. :-)

jacquelyn said...

Desert Flower is right, I am a sock monkey fanatic. I am going to have to check out that shirt!