Thursday, October 14, 2010

Whoomp There It is!

Yeah, I was gonna be funny and come up with new lyrics to "Whomp There It is " (which is a fairly feeble rap, as it is), but it's Thursday and I'm already runnin' on empty. So, this is all there is — a photo of the American Apparel rose, one-size-fits-all top.

Yup, I did it — signed up for e-mails, got myself a discount code and bought the next-best-thing to the "Sex and the City" Givenchy/Members Only jacket. The top is kinda heavy and does shed, as reviewers on the AA site have mentioned. It's also pretty rad, cute and in all ways fabulous. Of course, after I bought it in ivory, the pink color showed up. I consoled myself with the knowledge that pink plus roses would be way too little-girl cutesy. Don't tell me otherwise.

It's very likely the classiest thing AA has ever made.


KathyW said...

K - I really like this outfit. I confess that I didn't really love the shirt when you first posted the photo of it, but it's adorable on you. What shoes are you wearing? K

Rose said...

It looks really cute. I couldn't recall the jacket on SJP, but I recently saw the movie again and had an 'aha!' moment, :)

Kcookski said...

kw- they're me too flats....i think the style is "nevada." soooo comfy. i own four pairs in assorted colors but the same style.

gigiofca said...

That looks really cute on you :-)