Thursday, September 9, 2010

Best Time Suck Ever

Forget Facebook.

If you're looking for a time suck — that's infinitely more enjoyable than hearing people post for the umpteenth time that they need coffee/are heading off to work/are looking forward to a new day! (gag) — mosey on over to H&M's Fashion Studio.

This 21st century version of paper dolls lets you create ensembles out of current items. Layer on as much as you want, in the order you want. It is plain, flippin' fun.

My only suggestion is to let people choose dolls that fit their body types rather than the very Charlize Theron-esque bod that wears everything. To its credit, H&M does let you pick a non-Nordic face. Still, different bodies would help even more.

Have fun in the studio.


Desert Flower said...

I love playing with that. It's addictive. Then I want the items and until recently we didn't have an H&M so it was an exercise in frustration!

gigiofca said...

Mixed feelings. I have an H&M near me. A few I can get to, actually, but they each carry different things. Some have the same things, but my point is I wouldn't expect to find everything I see online in the store. At least not easily. It's interesting about the online paper doll concept like Polyvore and others.