Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DIY Denim Vest

Nylon's August denim issue got me searching for a denim vest. Then I realized, I could make one. Now this is my kind of DIY — some minor snipping and all done.

The candidate was an old Gap denim jacket that I realized I rarely wore because I have a denim hoodie that's much softer and chicer.

After amputating the sleeves, I had a much more wearable denim vest. It's edgier than a jacket and better for our more temperate climate.

The outfit: thrifted dress (thanks, Jenni!), Michael Michael Kors clogs (thanks again, Jenni!), Forever XXI necklace (artfully stuck on a button) and a 5-year-old denim Gap jacket.


OnTheRacks said...

So cute and creative! Totally looks like something you could have spend a ton of $$ on in the store. Love it!

xx Laura

Desert Flower said...

That turned out really great.

Rose said...

Very clever! It looks great!

Pagano DesignWorks said...

you are so cute!! :)