Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Anthro Lovin'

Raindrops on roses?
Nah, I like hydrangeas better.

And whiskers on kittens?
I'm allergic to cats.

But give me an Anthropologie catalog, and I'll show you a few of my favorite things.

Though I haven't been in a very Anthro mood lately, a sumptuous new catalog came yesterday and got me all worked up. I actually called the local store, my face flushed, trying to find out if it carried certain things. Is that like the shopper's equivalent of drunk dialing? I dunno. I didn't buy anything...yet...I was just scouting.

Blacklight blouse ($78). This season's version is polka-dotted, as opposed to the recent all-black. There's a kicky floral version, too, but I absolutely heart the dots. I adore the architectural-like structure of the top. Maybe it makes a flat girl look...chesty? Please? This is what my closet needs — a supremely sophisticated but coquettish strapless blouse. Throw a cardi over it for a casual look, and it becomes like the Type-A, Cup-A, Button-down girl's dirty little secret — only she knows it's a hoochie strapless numbah.

Made to Measure Skirt ($138). Wool-blend is a scary phrase to us desert dressers (too hot!), but look how incredibly this skirt drapes. And, how creative to pair it with the polka dot top. As a student of Remedial Pattern Pairing, I bow down before this ensemble.

Every Which Way Cardigan ($148). Stripes and ruffles on a cozy blanket-type cardigan? Had there been a hood, my head would have popped off. Still, I'm adding it to the wish list, and when a sale hits, I shall strike.

Levade Clogs ($148). These could be THE ONES. At any rate, they are the ones not yet in my arsenal of wooden-soled shoes.


Elle Sees said...

LOVE their displays. i play with all of the goodies.

jacquelyn said...

The Made to Measure skirt has been in the Tucson store for a few weeks. I think I've also seen the Blacklight Blouse.

I'm still waiting for items from the August catalog to show up in store...like the skirt and cardi that were on the cover. There is no rhyme or reason to what is shipped when.

Desert Flower said...

I love that Made to Measure skirt. It's on my wishlist.

JAF said...

Did you get the clogs? I want to know what you think.

Kcookski said...

jaf - i haven't bought the clogs! i'm waiting for a sale....:)