Saturday, August 28, 2010

Magazine Junkie

Question: How long do you keep magazines?

I ask because I recently spent a good couple of weeks pawing through 10 years' — an actual entire decade — worth of cooking magazines.

Glossy periodicals are my guilty pleasure. I adore them. Subscriptions range for everything from Teen Vogue (which I got for free when I bought something from Wet Seal and then I ended up springing for the $6 subscription because I, um, like it) to Elle and Harper's Bazaar to People Stylewatch and Lucky. W arrives at my house, too, although for the life of me, I don't get that thing. Us magazine even started showing up. That I'm not proud of, but it was free. My husband says that was too much.

Most magazines, I hang onto for a few months and then pass along with two exceptions: I keep a year's worth of Lucky and Stylewatch. It's fun to look back and see what I had to have and what was en vogue months ago. Interestingly, I just was thumbing through 2009's Lucky mags for November and December, and guess what? Not a lot has changed from then to now. Lace-up boots popped up as did thigh-high boots. Ponchos were featured along with chunky sweaters. Even asymmetrical hemlines showed up last year. It's all stuff we're seeing right now, looming on the fall/winter horizon.

So now I'm thinking I'll pick a month of a particular publication and hang onto that same month from year to year as a fashion experiment. It'll be interesting to see first-hand just how cyclical fashion is.


Desert Flower said...

I am a magazine addict. I subscribe to far too many of them, although I've cut back recently, and I hold onto them too long. In the last year I started taking them to work where they are enjoyed by many while eating their lunch, and then are boxed up and sent to troops overseas. I hope there's some chicks over there because I don't think the guys want to read Harper's Bazaar.

gigiofca said...

I don't subscribe, but end up buying them anyway. I try to get them at Costco, which is 30% off. I also just recvd Us and I am ashamed. I think it was thru an order I placed on F21. Ugh. I'm so glad last year's fashions, faux fur, ponchos, etc... are still in this year.