Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shopping Tip No. 132: Use Caution When Trying On Rings

I never went to medical school. So, I won't save someone's life by performing open heart surgery. Nor will I cure cancer.

I never went to law school. So, that means I can't ever represent some innocent victims who've been wronged by a big, nasty corporation and then proceed to win them a ginormo, life-changing settlement.

I do, however, shop.

And I do it enough to know some snappy tricks. I know where the good deals are, how to track down coupon codes, how to hunt for the perfect knockoff of the unobtainable $900-each-hair-plucked-by-hand alpaca/chinchilla blanket coat and just pass along good shopping advice in general. This is how I give back.

Today's nugget of wisdom: Forever XXI rings run really small — exercise extreme caution when trying on. Oh, the tag may say 7, but it's sooooo not a 7.

I nearly had to buy this $3.80 ring and then pay a $50 co-pay at the ER to have it cut off my middle finger. That would have sucked. I was pulling and twisting (and my finger still hurts, by the way) when this nice woman leaned over to me and said, "Just put a little saliva on your finger above the ring. Bend your finger and it'll slide off."

She was right.

So, there ya go. Happy shopping. And I'm not going to tell you that immediately after getting that ring off, I nearly got another one stuck.


jacquelyn said...

Hey, I'm dying to know if you went to the H&M grand opening today. At least I think it was today?

Kcookski said...

the grand opening was indeed today! this is so harsh - i didn't get there. had to work, covering another story. it was apparently a madhouse. people waiting overnight. and, h&m didn't deem this location worthy enough to do an advance press opening as it did in snottsdale. pllbbbt.
i'm hittin' it monday, though!

jacquelyn said...

I just came back. Pretty crowded. Lots of stuff. They run their fitting rooms in a most inefficient manner. Lots of hipsters.

Kcookski said...

when my friends and i went up to scottsdale, we actually tried clothing on upstairs in the deserted kids' department!
did you see the trench IRL?
and what did you come home with?

jacquelyn said...

I came home with nothing. The stock was pretty good, though, as in the store was full of stuff. It was just really hot and crowded and loud, loud, loud, and they had a DJ but one of his huge speakers was blown out from the cranked-up bass which was jarring. Sheesh. I sound like an old lady, not a die-hard shopper.

Kcookski said...

i think internet shopping - from the comfort of our own homes, done when we have time - has spoiled real, live, in-the-store shopping. i don't blame you, i wouldn't have been able to concentrate in that kind of environment. glad i didn't go. when it's too crowded and loud, i feel like....i'm at home. like i can't think. then i make baaaad purchasing decisions.

Jessica said...

Oh my goodness - I never have rings stick any place, but F21! Half the time I'm too scared to even push the ring all the way down my finger! The last thing I want to do is purchase a ring only because I can't get it off! Haha. I'm going to keep this trick in mind!