Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Obsession: A Lipstick Case Keychain

An obsession is a funny thing.

A lot like love, you just can't control it. You want what you want. My friend is currently lusting after an Yves Saint Laurent postcard wallet. My holy grail: a lipstick case keychain. Yup, totally weird.

Now, I've had hundreds of these cases over the years and usually ended up giving them away. Why do I need a special case for my lipstick? I always thought. Then, I spotted this See by Chloe version with an attached keychain. Because I have not (yet) completely lost my mind, I did not buy the $56 keychain, which proceeded to sell out.

Yet, something about the idea of the two linked together fundamentally changed my opinion of the lipstick case. Of course, now I can't find even one around the house that I could trick out with a keychain. And truth be told, I probably wouldn't even attempt it. How could it look as good?

So the hunt begins.

I squandered a fair amount of time trying to come up with a cheaper substitute. I found stuff like this one. Yeah, it's what you think. Yeah, it's pretty strange.


Desert Flower said...

Lil Chubby Pee Pee! I am LOL! That's the oddest little thing. I rather like the patent one you pictured. I have no idea why you are obsessing over a lipstick case. Just like you have no idea why I'm obsessing over a post card wallet. And will not rest until it is mine . . .

Rose said...

Say NO to the Chubby Pee Pee! LOL