Monday, August 16, 2010

The Clothing Malfunction Chronicles, Back-to-School Edition

Today's the first day of school.

Just when I was getting the hang of summer, too.

Back to being a drill sergeant, barking out instructions. Back to carpooling. Back to homework. Back to packing lunches. Sigh. I'm tired already.

This is a biggie, though, because today, Youngest Child starts kindergarten. My baby. I hope I can keep it together when I walk him to school.

Adding to the difficulty level this week is my husband's absence. He's on a mancation, so I have no co-pilot. So far, issues have been small and wardrobe-related, like discovering that Middle Child had her shirt on inside out. She is her mother's daughter (earlier this year, I, um, wore my dress inside-out to work).

Youngest Child stomped into the kitchen, top button still done, demanding to know, "Now, how am I supposed to get dressed?!"

Everything's under control now. Well, everything but my emotions.


Jessica said...

Oh goodness! We normally say "good luck" to the little ones at school, but I think Mom is really who the luck needs to go to! Hope today was a success for everyone!

Desert Flower said...

Aw, I think the first day of kindergarten is so bittersweet. And this is your baby! The last one. I hope the day was a good one for him.