Friday, August 13, 2010

Time for the Friday Shoe Haiku

Just found these — surprise!
Oxford heels? Perfect for fall
Thinner feet, no go.

Shoe n' Tell: I was so excited to find these Jessica Bennett "Gamut" leather heeled oxfords from a few years ago. I'd forgotten all about 'em.

They're perfect for this fall's trends. I slipped the shoes on and alas, things have gone awry.

Now, they were roomy when I first bought them, but it was the last pair and I loved them so. Heel pads helped.

After foot surgery though, my feet aren't as wide as they were, and now the right shoe is really too big. Interestingly, the tie on that foot hits a weird spot and makes my nerves tingle with every step. D'oh. Guess they'll end up in a giveaway pile for the next swap party.

And, I also guess I got me some shoppin' to do.

Outfit: Neal Sperling for Urban Outfitters dress; Gap cami; leopard belt from a swap party; Forever XXI necklace; assorted bangles.


Desert Flower said...

Bummer they don't fit!! They are absolutely perfect for this fall.

Pagano DesignWorks said...

Fabulous outfit, and OMG I love those shoes and just *happen* to have a fatter foot than you do!!!
I am sure I can find a fab skinny shoe for you in my closet...

jacquelyn said...

Love those shoes. Love.

And narrower feet after surgery? I have some bunions I could stand to lose if it will get me narrower feet. Wonder if I could handle the "not driving for two weeks" part of recovery.

Kcookski said...

yes, j - i was thinkin' you'd like those shoes. :)
and jacquelyn, if it's your drivin' foot, you're off the gas pedal for two MONTHS. i did it during the summer, and i kept the kids home (since i couldn't shuttle them to camps). we were like shut-ins or prisoners. it was hard, hard, hard. but, needed to be done.

Jessi8a said...

love the styling, you are truly an inspiration! I'm pulling my same shoe out for fall.