Sunday, August 1, 2010

Monday Madness

Just a quick post before I check myself in to a psychiatric hospital.

I figure I need to get my head examined, given the exquisite and exquisitely priced things I've been falling for lately.

To wit:

See by Chloe slingback clogs ($270). I have purchased three wooden-soled shoes in as many weeks, and I still cannot get enough. These are beyond cool with the strap, studs and partially covered wedge.

Hasbeens ($362, including $52 shipping. Woof). See? Again with the clog. I'm not a fan of the regular clogs, but something about these — the Skittles colors? The laces? — really makes me drool. The website has a model wearing 'em with denim cutoffs, and it just looks so darn cute.

Gryphon Knotted Jersey Tee Dress ($218). A few friends give me a lot of flak for my ever-expanding jersey dress collection, but this one is simply irresistible. The knots add edge and 'zazz. The form-fitting shape is flat-out sexy. Both elements elevate the humble, easy-to-wear jersey dress to a whole new level. Really, it doesn't even count as jersey.

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel faux fur coat ($545). As a general rule, I shy away from Sonia Rykiel stuff. Her hair scares me. Perhaps that's not a valid reason for avoiding an entire clothing line, but I just can't get that crazy coif out of my head. This oversized animal print coat makes me forgive the bad hair. Love the scale of the spots — and fur was alllllll over the runways for fall again. Yippee.

So there you have it. If a subsequent post involves IRL photos of any of these items, well, you'll know I've truly lost it. Or, I'll be dead because my husband would absolutely kill me.


Desert Flower said...

You lost me at $52 shipping.

You do have good taste, my friend. Too bad our budgets aren't there!

jacquelyn said...

$52 shipping?!? Is the item packaged in silk and diamonds and escorted through the country by magical elves? Wow, that is amazing.