Thursday, August 12, 2010

The First Thing To Go

Several parts of my body are currently duking it out for the title of "The First To Go."

The rods and cones are coming out ahead so far, although the back is stiff — ha — competition.

I am having such a hard time deciphering colors. The other day, I pulled on a patterned top — had these outlined ovals all over it, kind of a chain-link print. The middle was definitely a turquoise blue, that was easy to see, but the outline? Black? Dark brown? Inside the house, I decided it was brown. Out in the sun, it looked black.

Navy gets me every time.

The other day, I spy this zebra-print scarf in a second-hand store window. It's the perfect neutral — kinda khaki, kind of tan. I get it home, and I'll be darned, I have no idea if it's tan or gold or greenish or what. I think — think— the stripes are a purple-y brown.

Well, it's definitely neutral.

I also don't know if the skirt on this Patterson J. Kincaid dress is purple or bronze or some kind of deep gray. I think this all goes together, though. Black shoes (these are from Me Too) go with everything, right?


Desert Flower said...

Oh I love this outfit!!! The dress is awesome, the skirt part is really cool. Nice scarf too. I don't know what any of those colors are either but they look great together.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

I saw you on TV last night and I thought you did great! And you looked great. And you didn't puke though you wanted to (big props :o)!

I like your outfit - that skirt is really nice on you. I would just call the skirt brown and wrap tan, but I know I just committed all sorts of fashion faux pas by saying that.

OnTheRacks said...

That is GORGEOUS! It's a scarf? It looks like a jacket of some sort... you've styled it so well. I will never ever get over zebra print. Loving your look!

xx Laura