Friday, August 6, 2010

August's First Shoe Haiku

Doc says wear "good" shoes
That means wide toes, good support
These take out the sting.

Shoe n' Tell: For the past few summers I've had foot surgeries.

Chalk it up to the genetic joys of bunions* and hammertoes. First leftie and then rightie. That was a fun one — couldn't drive for two months. But now I have pain-free and much prettier feet. The pink raised tracks are barely noticeable, which is actually annoying to me because I want gruesome battle scars, proof of what I endured.

A year later, my right foot still has swelling, with my poor pinkie looking like a jumbo Quasimodo toe. A recent trip to the doctor showed that everything was just fine; it's just taking longer to heal.

"Wear wider shoes with good support," said my podiatrist — who was wearing strappy stiletto sandals.

Hrumph. So I found these leopard-print Simples ($55, but I got 'em on the last day of a 40 percent cashback dealio). They're just funky enough that I feel better about having to wear "sensible" shoes.

Outfit: cheapie tiered skirt; old Banana Republic tank; Sauce jacket.

*Bunions are not — as my mother continues to stubbornly think even though she has them, and they're obviously from her side of the family — a result of wearing high heels. Bunions have popped up in barefoot tribes in Africa. So there, Mommy.

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