Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"Nina Garcia's Look Book" Review

Initially, I laughed out loud at some of the scenarios fashion guru Nina Garcia proposes in her new book "Nina Garcia's Look Book: What to Wear for Every Occasion" (Voice, $23.99), which is available today.

What to wear to therapy? What to wear to meet a potential surrogate?

Then I realized, hey, this is life. This is the world we live in today. And, if I were in those situations, I could see agonizing over what to wear. I sure could have used Nina G a few months back when a cable TV show came calling (more on that in tomorrow's post. I know, what a tease.)

Garcia — fashion director of Marie Claire, a judge on Lifetime reality series "Project Runway" as well as the author of other style books and Target's 2010 Style Expert — has a nice, easy tone. She really, truly hits on pretty much every scenario in a modern woman's life — what to wear to meet the boyfriend's parents and his kids; a Netflix date (not a Snuggie) and even what to wear when you work at home. For this last one, Garcia warns that style is a muscle. If you don't use it, then it might fail when you need it most. Use working from home not as a time to wear sweatpants 24-7, but as a way to experiment with different looks, including for hair and makeup.

The book is organized into categories: day, night, dating, work, life events, holidays, etc.

Ruben Toledo (if you're a Nordstrom shopper, you know his whimsical art from catalogs) provides the fun, colorful artwork. His sketches of stylish women are fun, but I would have liked actual photos of the pieces and looks Garcia suggests. But, that's just me — I really like things spelled out for me because I have trouble visualizing.

It's a fun, quick read filled with good tips (including on how to mend a broken heart). Garcia spells out the rules, but then takes time to point out incredibly chic rule breakers. The book is available in stores and look for it on Amazon.com.

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Jessi8a said...

love the style is a muscle line...i need to work out now.