Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Snuggly Fall Trend

It's 100-plus degrees with about 120 percent humidity. My sweat is sweating.

How do East Coasters (and Southerners) do it? I have had quite enough, thankyouverymuch.

Pictures of autumn clothes keep falling into my e-mail, like leaves off a tree. I'm soooooo ready for a nip in the air. The trend I long to wear most — the blanket/cardi/wrap thingie. You know what I mean — long, most likely an asymmetrical hem and, of course, unbelievably soft. I feel pretty smug because I snapped up a couple of these bad boys late in the winter (the gray Sauce striped one and Southwestern-y cream one), when things were just rolling. Now, it's full steam ahead as many designers trot 'em out.

Some to love:
Twelfth St. By Cynthia Vincent ($495). Seriously, nearly $500. I'm guessing it comes with a couch, a necessary add-on for something so snuggle-icious it demands to be worn while cuddling on the sofa for the all-new, must-see TV season.
BB Dakota Branson Fringe Sweater Jacket ($85). All that fringe hanging off, paired with the color, kinda reminds me of a buffalo, but in a good way. I dig the rustic charm — and that it pays homage, with the name, to that country music mecca of Branson (my grandparents went there every year, back in the day).
Goddis Linsey Hooded Sweater ($215). Goddis owns this look. Love the crisp, ocean colors on the hoodie.

It's still too hot to wear them, but by the time the temperature drops, I'll bet the prices have, too.

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Desert Flower said...

Although I am loving the look, I am sweating just looking at this pictures. Is it just me, or is this the most humid Arizona summer in 20 years??