Monday, August 23, 2010

Target says, Take that, J Brand Houlihan!

Everyone seems to have gone bonkers over J Brand's Houlihan cargos.

They do look cool, I admit. But $231? For what might be a one or two year trend? Well, sadly, I am not one of those bloggers who gets paid six figures to blog. I don't get graft, either. Boo.

So when Target Addict
ran side-by-side photos of the Houlis along with Target Mossimo Supply Co. skinny cargos, challenging people to tell the difference, I decided to check 'em out IRL.

At $21.99, they're a darn good alternative to J Brand.

The fabric content of both cargos is the same — 98 percent cotton and 2 percent stretchy stuff (lycra for the J Brand, spandex for Target) — and the Mossimo material is lightweight, which is good for us peeps who live in Hades. Though one of my co-workers griped the other day that everything is skinny, skinny, skinny, these have stretch and aren't clingy. There's enough give to keep one's arse from looking Saran-wrapped. Really.

Plus, the Mossimo pants have two more things going for 'em: They have actual pockets on the back, which is more butt-flattering (the Houlihans have only a flap), and they're longer, so they're more versatile. Roll 'em up or scrunch 'em down.

The Mossimo pants are junior-sized, which makes ordering online tricky, but Target lets you return to the store. The waist seemed big, but hey, just cinch it! Don't be all sad that the green color is sold out online, you can still get tan and black. At least one of our local Targets had every color and many sizes.


Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Ooh, good find! I'm all about cheap ways to try out a trend, though I think I'll need to sit this one out. I don't need to find more ways to highlight my thighs! :o)

Desert Flower said...

Thanks for the tip! I got the green and tan in the store. I love them, the fit is great. The thing about the Houlihans is that the fabric is so soft. It's very similar in the Target pants where as a lot of cargos feel still and denim like. Great find.

Anonymous said...

These look good on you. The olive color doesn't look great on me, otherwise I'd be all over them.

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