Sunday, August 22, 2010

Groupon Shout-out

Hey, if you haven't already, you should get your Groupon.

Heard of it? Basically Groupon offers good deals in specific cities. Doesn't mean you can't buy other cities' Groupons, though. Just this past week, a New York Groupon offered a $50 Gap gift certificate for $25.

I joined several months ago, but hadn't been moved to actually purchase a Groupon until this week. See these lovely nails? A local salon, Great Waves, offered its CND Shellac manicure, the one that doesn't chip for at least two weeks and can stretch to three (I wrote about it here). Normally this costs $41. The Groupon cost $19. A steal.

All you do is turn over your e-mail. A Groupon actually works like a gift certificate. You just print it out and go. The only hitch is that you're limited to buying one for yourself. BUT, you can buy gift certificates for friends, which is what, ahem, my friend and I did so we could get extra manicures out of the deal.


Desert Flower said...

I love that color!! It looks fabulous. It's great that it's going to last so long and stay shiny and chip free. This is my holy grail mani. Can't wait until my turn next Saturday.

jillkocher said...

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Eran Davidov said...

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