Monday, June 14, 2010

A Manicure That'll Change Your Life

I've had two professional manicures in my life.

For a girl who loves pampering, that's pretty crazy. But of all the many beauty services out there, manis are the biggest waste of money — for me. My nails chip even if I just look at them. The two times I let the pros have at my hands, I didn't even make it all the way home before at least two nails were gouged.

So when I heard about CND Shellac, needless to say I was intrigued. This new nail process promises two weeks — TWO WEEKS — of perfect nails. No chips, no gouging, no smudges. It's a polish-gel hybrid that's painted onto the nails. In between coats, the nails are cured in a special nail tanning bed. The top photo was taken the first day. The bottom photo taken just this morning, three days later. Unprecedented.

I haven't been sitting around on the couch having my children feed me peeled grapes either. I've been working and engaging in plenty of risky behaviors for polished nails — dishes, cooking, grilling, prying a dog bowl out of its elevated metal stand. My nails are impervious.

I'm actually chronicling my chip-proof mani for work to see if it truly holds up for two weeks. If it does, I could be a big trouble. Huge. Because I will have to do this all the time.

Check the CND Website to see if a salon in your area does this.

Stay tuned.....


Lisa - Respect the Shoes said...

Ooh - this IS unprecedented. I've only had a pro manicure once in my life bc I'm terrible with my nails in general - first and last time I did have the pro mani, I went home and pulled weeds that afternoon. Uh huh.

Are these manis a lot more costly than the usual?

Kcookski said...

hey, l! i paid $42 for this one, before tip. the shellac added $20 onto the's pretty sweet, tho. perfect for special occasions.

Desert Flower said...

I'm anxious to see if you get a full two weeks. If you do, I may need to seriously think about cutting into the clothing budget for this.

Jessi8a said...

I went 3 weeks and only went back because of the regrowth, I am so addicted!