Wednesday, June 2, 2010

*$&#^ Rings

True story: Years and years and practically centuries ago, I tried to flip someone off.

I was driving. The other driver was so in the wrong and a total bitch to cut me off. I raised up my hand and.... threw her a peace sign. My friend who was riding shotgun and I just laughed.

Flipping the bird was a gesture I'd never done. Not even in junior high. It's just not me. I don't even really cuss that much. Not that I have anything against dropping an 'F' bomb. It's just that if I do, I want it to have some impact.

Maybe that's why I adore these swear rings.

They're incredibly funny and wicked clever. They'd be the perfect accompaniment to the now-sold-out Tom Binns quote earrings that I blogged. Yeah, after I blogged, they sold out at Coincidence? You betcha I'm takin' credit for that. I also believe I shall think twice about showing the World Wide Web something I really, truly heart and have yet to purchase.

Designer Wendy Brandes is the brains behind the swear rings ($375 for silver). Her Cleopatra earrings are featured in "Sex and the City 2." That's huge.

Brandes has other uber cool jewelry, like a hilariously named SmacEnroe tennis necklace and another necklace with a chicken tucked inside an egg. Go look — you'll like that stuff better than the swear rings.


Pagano DesignWorks said...

I LOVE the swear rings! My cussing prowess is legendary. When I was a cute young thing, it was an amusing contrast. Now I fear I am slipping into crusty, swearing old biddy. What ever. *&^% me.

Jessica said...

I'd love to nonchalantly wear the cuss ring to work. Passive aggressive? Nah.

Desert Flower said...

These rock. I wish I could get away with wearing them to work, but the people I work with would know what they mean immediately!

Pagano DesignWorks said...

Wendy also sells just an * ring. Might be useful for those of you who just have a little *footnote* to add to a conversation.
For me? Not enough angst in it. I need the full knuckle's worth!