Monday, June 21, 2010

A Soft Gown To Snooze In


That was the first thing I thought as I stroked this unbelievably soft, smooth Gilligan & O'Malley animal-print gown (photo and link are of the chemise because I couldn't find the longer animal-print version online).

You always want to be comfortable when you sleep, but that need for comfort is amplified 10-fold when it gets disgustingly hot in the middle of the night and you kick off the sheets and just want to feel cool. This long gown — with its loose, flowy fit — is the perfect choice. It hit at just above the ankles on me. The bra-type straps are adjustable and the empire waist is incredibly flattering.

It comes in solid colors, but I love the hoochie "Real Housewives of New Jersey" animal print. It could almost be worn out as a maxi dress. Almost. In fact when I first put it on, Middle Child demanded to know why I was going to sleep in a dress.

Check your local target. The Gilligan & O'Malley long gown retails for $19.99.

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Lisa - Respect the Shoes said...

I love loading up on Target sleepwear. I'm addicted to their cotton poplin boxers and cropped PJ pants that are so so comfy. And their slub sleep tees that I DO wear as day wear. I think all those items were like $5 each this past weekend so I did go nuts.