Thursday, June 17, 2010

Easy Updo (Even for Me)

I suck at hair.

I'm bad at doing my own, even worse at doing others' (ask my girls). There is just too much real estate at the back of the head, and even though I told my son I have eyes back there (he used to dig through my hair, searching), I really don't. So, it's hard to twist it up into those effortless buns you see in all the cool fashion mags.

But yesterday my beloved Daily Candy e-mail arrived, and it was a video on a DIY messy bun. Lo and behold, it was easy enough to do, even for me.

Check it. Not bad, huh?


Tabitha said...

Oh you have my natural hair colour - weep.

Covering my old lady grey roots has mucked it up, I want your hair colour back!

Desert Flower said...

Wow, you did good!! It's very chic. Maybe I need that video.