Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Visit Style Obsession

So, there's this fun blog I've been following — Style Obsession.

Jessica does a great job of highlighting trends and has an engaging style. My favorite posts are the Tuesday Treats under $20 and Friday Finds Under $50. She does a bang-up job.

Right now, she's got a sweet
giveaway for this fabulous Wendy Mink necklace. The deadline is Monday. Click on over and get the scoop. Yes, I'll get an extra entry for telling y'all, but the fact that it means more people will enter the contest makes that a wash. Ah, well, all for the greater blogger good, right? I'm selfless that way.


Jesspgh said...

I adore that necklace! I will have to check out the giveaway now.

Jessica said...

Thanks for posting! It's such a gorgeous necklace - I've been wearing mine every day.