Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Boots No. 7 TInted Moisturizer

I don't know what it is about foundation or mascara, but I just can't commit.

I'll buy a product and then turn on it a few weeks later — like a bitter "American Idol" judge.

I've tried some different MAC foundations (but I'll never cheat on its eyeshadows. Ever.), an Oil of Olay tinted moisturizer and now, a Boots No. 7 tinted moisturizer I spotted at Target. Oh Target, could I love you any more?

The moisturizer has some limited color options — just three. Luckily, someone had thoughtfully pried off the protective shield on a medium, so I could see that it was pretty dark. I wouldn't normally peg myself as fair, but in this case, that seemed the most logical choice.

The product (on sale for $10.79) is of medium thickness and rubs in well. It offers light coverage — as most tinted moisturizers do — so that keeps the limited color range from being an issue. Didn't leave the skin too shiny and was enough coverage to hide some subtle imperfections but not so heavy as to look caked on.

We'll see how I feel in a few weeks, but for now it gets two thumbs up.

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