Monday, June 7, 2010

Great Ganga Week — Take 1

Ganga: pronounced GONG-uh, a Spanish word meaning bargain, great deal.

Memorial Week was good to me, bad to my credit card balance. But, hey, I'll deal with that next month!

If there's one thing I can't pass up, it's a screamin' deal and there were soooo many of 'em. A lot of things I'd been eyeing for literally months went on super-sale around the end of May. Huh, patience does pay off. Things are trickling in now, so I'm going to devote this week to killer online buys.

Today: Sauce jacket (if you click onto the link, let me assure you I paid nowhere near that price).

This would be one of my eBay scores. The jacket is only available (that I've seen) at The Hip Chick.

It's got this Breakfast With Tiffany's but with edge vibe, as in "I'd like the french toast, please. And — a beer."

The jacket has a Chanel-ish feel with the cut, but it's a soft cotton-poly blend. The studs add the rock n' roll, of course. My only hangup is that the edges are unfinished, so there's a fair amount of fraying thread. It's part of the look and charm, I know, but it still bugs. I think I'll get over it. Either way, it's such a great alternative to a cardi.


jacquelyn said...

Wow, so I actually ran "Ganga" through a translator and it is spelled with an "a" and not the "o" at the beginning. Hrrmm. Maybe someone should tell Tucson this, since if you google the "o" version with "Tucson" you get a zillion hits, but none with the "a" version.

As you can see I take my local Tucsonisms very seriously. I'm going to be stubborn ad still use the "o" version. I'm contrary that way.

Jessica said...

Hot stuff! Definitely perfect for a beer brunch!

Kcookski said...

Jacquelyn - Another Tucsonism - "bolo" tie when it's really bola! This I know because I got a heap o' angry letters and calls when I used bolo in the newspaper. I've grown up here and I sure didn't know it was bola...Too close to ebola...

Desert Flower said...

I will leave you writers to debate the appropriate wording. It's just a great deal to me! I like it. Very cute and while it's great casually, I think you could stick it on top of a black pencil skirt and heels and it would bitch up a professional outfit, too. (Can I say the b-word on this blog?!)