Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shopbop.com Inspiration

Yeah, I'm pretty much over Facebook.

I joined about six months ago — despite friends' warnings that it's an absolute time suck — because I discovered that my favorite stores post new arrivals and sales alerts on that damn site. What I do for retail.

These days, I just scan to see which stores or clothing labels have posted something new because I really don't need to know all the blow-by-blow minutiae of people's lives ("Just had a cup of coffee! Gonna take a dump!").

What a fun FB — as all the cool kids call it — discovery then to find photos from Australia's Fashion Week on Shopbop.com's page (that second picture is one from the photo album. I forget who that chick is — the artistic director? But, she is so stylish. I want to be her). Shopbop puts together the most effortlessly chic, cutting-edge looks.

If you're on Facebook, check out the photos. Otherwise, content yourself with the site's constantly updated lookbooks. They're stingy with the discounts, but man, those people are stylin'.

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Desert Flower said...

I have studiously avoided all forms of social networking - no Myspace, no Face Book, no Twitter. I am a relic. I love that I can see the cool pics on the Shopbob site.