Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Joys of Bogus Bling

It's an acronym just made for a government organization: A.S.S.

Yeah, my husband came up with that one — Absent Spouse Syndrome. He thinks it's funny. He would — he's the one who's absent. I am not nearly as amused.

He's in D.C. for a one-day conference, but he'll be gone for four — the other free time spent golfing, going to a Nationals game (or, as he called them the "Nats." Really? That sounds so close to "Nads," as in gonads. Appropriate, I s'pose) and more golfing. So I've been working, shuttling kids, refereeing (the many fights) and just trying not to collapse in a tired, wilted heap.

I decided I needed a little sumpin sumpin to reward my martyrdom. What better place to find it than Forever XXI, the adult equivalent of the drugstore I used to visit as a kid, where I could always find something to spend my meager allowance money on.

In this case, I went gaga digging around the ring bins. I've been in a ring mood lately and found some cute ones online, but I have no idea what size my fingers are. Stretchy rings like these take out the guesswork. Plus, in this trio, nothing cost more than $5.80. Money well spent, I'd say.


Desert Flower said...

Those are really cute and they look more expensive than they are. Good buy!

Kiera said...

Hmmm, that top one would go veeeeery well with a bracelet I just happen to have...

Lisa - Respect the Shoes said...

I dig bogus bling. I have a tendency to lose or break the "good stuff" so this stuff is a lot less guilt-inducing. I dig the gold ring with the tiny studs.