Sunday, June 20, 2010

Aveda's Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair

What do they put in that Aveda tea anyway?

I'm always in a hurry — ALWAYS — yet every time I attempt to dash into an Aveda store, I get lulled into a lengthy visit by the sweet sales girls who offer a Dixie cup of tea and then suck away half an hour of my crazy busy life. Poof — gone with a spritz of their chakra spray.

Still, Aveda's got good stuff, especially when it comes to their hair products. Never much cared for any of the makeup or skin things, but I keep going back for the Be Curly cream and Confixor liquid gel. My recent, not-so-short visit to the store was for...heck, I don't even know what I needed, I forgot after a sip of that tea. Perhaps it's got some sort of mind control herb in it? I was offered tea and before I knew it, I was plopped into the chair, listening to the spiel on the latest product, Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair ($24).

Now, leave-in conditioner is usually a big no-no because it weighs down my fine hair or strips out the wave. Still, the spot on my hair that received a coating of Damage Remedy did feel soft and silky. Plus, I had a coupon for a free trial size. After three uses, it's good enough that now I'll probably have to add it to my arsenal. Sigh. Well, Aveda does quite often have free shipping, that'll save me from the mind-control tea.

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