Thursday, June 10, 2010

Great Ganga Week — Take 4

Holy crap it's hot.

Like, incinerator hot. Ah, the joys of living in the desert. You get your amazingly mild fall and winter and spring and then suffer for a good four months. The fact that it's gonna be at least 100 degrees today probably explains why I'm not in the mood for IRL photos — or even to post this. But, here goes.

Fell in love with this $200 blanket coat months ago when I spied it on the Bloomies Website. Blanket coats are my favorite trend of this year — they're easy-to-wear, dress up or down and just look so darn cute. I wasn't sure about the fringe, but I loved it because it's like nothing I own. That's been my unspoken fashion resolution this year: to buy what I don't already have. In triplicate. This rule, of course, excludes hoodies. I have been good about bypassing loose-fitting T-shirts and jersey dresses, though.

When the price dropped and then there was a coupon code and the thing was only $44, I had no choice but to pull the online trigger.

From Line knitwear, the "Elizabeth" coat is now sold out (except for an olive version on The cotton is thick and snuggly. It has three-quarter sleeves and pockets. As long as it's not paired with cowboy boots, the coat shouldn't look hokey. I think. But, I won't find out for another five months.


jacquelyn said...

Though it might have been 100 or more today I swear when I was walking to my car this afternoon the breeze had a slight tinge of coolness on it. I hear it will be 89 on Sunday. Seize your opportunity while you can!

Desert Flower said...

There are those rumblings in weatherman land, they're claiming a cool weekend is in store! Not quite cool enough for your blanket coat. Which is fabulous by the way.