Sunday, September 12, 2010

Does This Outfit Work?

The best outfits come from thinking outside the box.

So do the worst.

While I don't think throwing together three styles — girly, laid-back casual and military — is the worst ever, I wasn't quite sure I was pulling it off. At the risk of sounding like your optometrist, which style looks better — 1 or 2? Which is sharper — 1 or 2?

Let's dissect.

My first attempt was the top photo: J Crew cashmere cardi with Anthro's Blacklight blouse (blogged here) and Target military skinny cargos (blogged here). I debated between ballet flats and sneaks. But, I liked dressing down that top, so I opted for the Simple "Satire" kicks. The chartreuse necklace pulled out the sash but seemed too much. The pink pop was good with the neutral colors, but was it too '80s?

Attempt 2 was what actually made it out the door.

Stripped off the chartreuse ribbon and necklace, and opted to use a cheapie black skinny belt. I added a delicate pink heart necklace and assorted bracelets crafted by kids — my own and some in China working for Forever XXI.


Desert Flower said...

I am loving the second look. The skinny belt is perfect.

DrDrama said...

I love the second look as well. I have my eye on that top from Antrho too!

KathyW said...

I vote for #2 also.

shy_smiley said...

loved seeing you in this at school on Friday. It's interesting how my own feelings for belts influence how one looks on you. Personally, I hate wearing belts and prefer the look of #1. I also like how the chunky chartreuse necklace gives the illusion of a halter top, though that might be making things a bit too fussy. I'm no fashionista, though, and rarely evaluate my own outfits beyond, "If it gets paint or pee on it, am I OK throwing it out?"